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How does the DICE bash start-up mechanism work?

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We've modified bash slightly on DICE. If you want to personalise it you should use the startup files described below, rather than the standard .bashrc, .bash_env, etc.

For full details on the Informatics bash startup mechanism, see the bashdefenv man page as this information supersedes the bash man page.

~/.brc is executed every time a new shell starts. This file is used, for example, to set aliases, which do not automatically propagate to subshells.
~/.benv is executed every time a shell starts in a new environment, such as when an X window is opened onto a new machine. This file is used, for example, to set environmental variables.
~/.bprofile is executed on login.
~/.inputrc is used to set the key bindings for command line editing operations.
~/.bash_logout this is unchanged from the standard bash name and behaviour. See man bash for definitive advice.

You can add directories to bash's command search path using setpath as an alternative to manipulating the $PATH variable directly. This helps set up the search path in the right order.

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