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Software on Virtual DICE

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The software on Virtual DICE is almost the same as on DICE. It differs for two reasons:


Some DICE software is very big. We only include the big software in a second, larger version of Virtual DICE which has the extra software - but which takes up more space on your computer.

The smaller version of Virtual DICE is called little. It should have all the software which first and second year undergraduates usually need.

The larger version of Virtual DICE is called large. It has all the software in little plus more, including Agda, Eclipse CDT, Eclipse Modelling, IDEA, GNAT, SPARK, Isabelle, Octave, PyCharm, GHC7, ipython and the scientific python stack, OCaml, Moscow ML and MongoRB.

Other restrictions

Some software is excluded from Virtual DICE for legal reasons, or because it doesn't make sense to run it in a virtual machine: Adobe Acrobat Reader; Adobe Flash Player; Google Chrome; Maple; Matlab; Webots. To use this software, login to a normal DICE machine instead.

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