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Enabling encryption on computers

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The College intends that all University-owned desktops and laptops - including self-managed - be encrypted. (See College device encryption policy.)

University-managed computers

The disks on Windows Managed Desktops are encrypted.

For DICE desktops see Encrypting Groups of Files on DICE. Some DICE disk partitions are encrypted, and the computing staff are working on encryption solutions for the others.

Self-managed computers

Windows: see Encrypting Windows computers.

Most new laptops will come with a variant of Windows that doesn't support BitLocker. They will require an install from Imagine, Campus or Office365 depending on your status within the University. See Windows licenses for more details.

Mac: see Encrypting Apple computers. Note that you can enable encryption at any time, not just at initial setup.

Linux: most major distro installers offer whole disk encryption. Consult your distro's documentation and support community.

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