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How to secure a mobile device

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This page explains how to secure a smartphone or tablet against data theft. You are required to do this for any device used for work, and strongly encouraged to do it anyway: see the College device encryption policy for details.

Setting a PIN code (passcode)

  • For Apple iOS (iPhone, iPad etc.) go to Touch ID & Passcode in the Settings app.
  • Android instructions can vary by manufacturer or network provider, but here are the Google Nexus instructions.
  • For Windows Phone see the Lock screen FAQ.

Encryption of data

  • iOS - Encryption is automatically enabled when you set a passcode, so you do not need to do anything else.
  • Android instructions can differ, but here are the Google Nexus instructions.
  • Windows Phone - Encryption is difficult on these devices. The University will publish advice on how to encrypt Windows phones when it can.

Get help

Information Services IT Support Desk , situated on the ground floor concourse of the Main Library, provides in-person technical support for users' personal devices and University IT-related services.

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