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Printing from DICE machines

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Simple printing commands

lpstat -p

will give a list of available printers and their status.

lpstat -l -p printername

will give more information on the chosen printer.

echo "export PRINTER=printername" >> ~/.benv

Set your default printer (note this only takes effect next time you log in).

lpr filename

will print a document to your default printer. Though the printing software will try to convert the file you give to PDF or Postscript (the language the printer understands), it does not work for all files, especially Microsoft Office files e.g. Word, Excel.

DO NOT PRINT .doc files or other Microsoft, or LibreOffice files from the command line. Use the appropriate application.

lpr -P printername filename

will print the document to a specified printer.

lpr -o sides=one-sided -P printername myfile.pdf 

print simplex (one-sided).

For more information see General Printing Questions.

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