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Laboratory Examinations

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Information for Teaching Staff

We support an online practical laboratory examination environment. This uses existing lab desktops in a special locked down mode which limits external connectivity primarily to exam support only (to, for example, fetch the examination paper online and to submit the answer, also to provide continuous backups of student work). Students work in a local home directory during the exam, but otherwise the exam environment is identical to DICE.

Setting a lab exam

In order to set a laboratory examination for your course you MUST inform the ITO in the first instance. This will allow the ITO to ensure the exam is correctly scheduled/located, invigilated and configured in Theon with the suitable assessment structures for submission. They will liaise with computing support who will contact you to confirm that the environment provided in the examination will be suitable for your course. This includes a full run-through of the exam either with yourself or your TA at least one week before the exam date, after which point the examination environment is frozen.

Computing support attend at the start of each exam to ensure that all students can log on and that there are no technical issues. They are available should anything go wrong during the exam - but there should always be an Informatics invigilator during the exam who will be the first point of contact for any issues students may raise with the paper or submissions. We provide Informatics Invigilators with training (based on our ExamProcedures page) so that they can triage potential problems and resolve common issues.

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