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Webots on self-managed machines

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Webots is a Robotics simulator used for teaching and research in the School. Whilst on the Informatics network, self-managed machines running Webots can also connect to Informatics' licence server to use one of our licences.

The software is freely downloadable from the Cyberbotics website and will function as a demo / free trial if it is not provided with a licence. For the purposes of teaching make sure you download a version appropriate to your platform from the archive matching the version currently installed on DICE (you can check this by typing

webots --version

at any DICE terminal). Further installation instructions can be found on the Cyberbotics website.

To connect to our server, you will need to be connected to the Informatics network, for example on-site via cable (receiving a dynamic or static "self-managed" address) or off-site (including Wireless) using the Informatics OpenVPN service (not to be confused with the IS central university VPN as explained here).

You will need the address and port number of the licence server. You can get this by submitting a support ticket.

Once connected you can test the viability of your connection by visiting http://licence-server:portnum/ in your browser.

If your connection is successful, then you can proceed to configure Webots. To do this, locate your Webots installation (for Windows this might be in Program Files; Linux tends to use /usr/local/webots; on Macs this is wherever you dragged the folder from the disk image, probably /Applications. In this directory, create a new text file in the "resources" subdirectory named "license.srv" (making sure to remove any ".txt" extension). This text file should contain only the line:


for the values of the above given to you by support. Starting Webots as usual should then connect you to our server.

Note that we are unlikely to be able to help if Webots doesn't work as you'd expect on your self-managed machine: we can typically only guarantee to help connect machines to the licence server.

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