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Computing Staff Organisational Structure

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The School of Informatics computing staff are organised into five functional units. Each unit consists of a unit manager and a number of staff.

The Head of Computing (Alastair Scobie) has overall responsibility for the School's computing staff.

The units are as follows :-

User Support
User support provide a front-line support service, escalating support requests where necessary to the appropriate team. We can be contacted via the support form, by phone or in person. We also provide a procurement service for hardware and software. Managed by Alison Downie.
Research and Teaching
specialised support for research and teaching. Managed by Tim Colles, who is also Deputy Head of Computing.
underlying technologies for computing (eg, networks, authentication, directory services etc). Managed by George Ross
The Services Unit is responsible for the management and development of the majority of user facing computing services provided by the School including web based services, the authenticated network file system, backups of School data, printing, mail, repository services, data curation and a number of miscellaneous services such as the in-School room booking service. It also provides second-line support for the services within its area of responsibility.

Managed by Craig Strachan.

Managed platforms
The Managed Platform Unit (MPU) provides a managed Linux platform (using LCFG) and a virtual hosting service which the other units use to deliver their services. MPU is also responsible for the remote desktop service and the ssh servers. Managed by Alastair Scobie.

Any contact with computing staff relating to problems should be done via the support form or the escalation procedures.

However, if you wish to discuss other matters, such as future requirements, the relevant person listed above can be contacted directly.

Queries about existing operational and policy matters should be taken through the recommended routes.

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