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Computing equipment allocation

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This pages outlines how computing equipment is allocated to members of Informatics and also outlines the procurement process.


Equipment allocation principles

Allocation of equipment is based on the following principles/assumptions:

  • Equipment allocation for Academic Teaching staff and Computing Officers
  • Equipment for research funded staff must be provided by the relevant research grant if there is provision for this in the grant; otherwise the School will provide a desktop and monitor suitable for normal commodity work (eg mail, document preparation and web browsing).
  • Research postgraduates will be provided with a new desktop and monitor at the beginning of their studies. It is expected that this desktop will last for the duration of the student's studies.
  • Desktops can either be managed by School Computing staff (DICE desktop or Windows 7 Managed Desktop) or be self-managed. Laptops will always be self-managed.
  • Administrative staff will usually be provided with a Windows 7 Managed Desktop and monitor.
  • Taught students will used shared equipment in School or IS labs.
  • The equipment replacement cycle is 4 years.
    • ongoing staff machine replacements will happen at whatever times in the year are most applicable.
    • any replacement of machines in taught student labs will usually happen during, or at the end of, the summer.

Equipment costs and trade-offs

For equipment allocation the following cost issues may be relevant:

  • the default desktop configuration will be the University SelectPC configuration.
  • an institute may opt to augment the standard equipment provision for a PhD student with its own funds.
  • grant-based research staff can opt to purchase/use the default desktop and monitor configuration or augment the standard model with additional capacity (eg, CPU speed, memory, disk space, etc).

Access to resources

Informatics also provides basic computing resources:

  • all member of Informatics are entitled to a basic allocation of resources such as printing and central disk space.
  • the boundary between normal and exceptional use of such resources is grey. Users who require anything other than the 'standard' allocation (determined pragmatically) should contact support to agree additional usage and possible charges.

NB: Please give computing staff warning if you expect your usage to be out of the ordinary for any length of time . It helps the planning of resource provision and allocation.

If you have any queries about equipment or resource allocation please contact support.


Academic teaching and administrative staff

Equipment will be provided automatically to new staff. Computing staff should be notified of arrivals well in advance (more than 2 weeks) to allow time to procure/allocate equipment.

Research staff

If there is provision in the grant to buy computing equipment then grant-based research staff should use the Computing Support Form to arrange the purchase. Otherwise a machine will be provided as described above.

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