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Account archival

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First a definition of "Account archival" - the taking of a specific copy of a users home directory, on some medium, with the intention that it will last forever and could be restored at any point in the future.

With this definition of account archival, then the simple fact is that we do not do it for any computer accounts or general data. We do take regular backups of accounts for disaster recovery purposes, but we do not "archive" someone's home directory prior to deletion.

Anyone (staff/students/visitors etc) who is leaving Informatics, is encouraged to take their own copy of their files before they leave. Blank DVDs can be supplied if required. If their data is to be shared/used by someone else after their departure, then it should be moved to some communal area, eg group file space, or a subversion repository.

For larger research data sets (say 100s of GB or more) we can provide tape copies. However, we can't make guarantees about how long we may be able to re-read those tapes, as tape technology changes. Currently we are using LTO-4 tapes which hold 800GB of raw data, and cost around £25.

Certain specific data is archived, such as 4th year projects, and PhD thesis submissions. These are dealt with via specific procedures managed by Student Services, and are currently in a state of reorganisation. See:

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