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Remote Desktop on iOS

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The Informatics Remote Desktop gives you a graphical login on DICE, displaying on another computer.

This page explains how to access the Remote Desktop service from an iOS device - for instance an Apple iPad or iPhone. This involves installing an app, then configuring it, then connecting to the service. Installing and configuring the app only has to be done once.

Install the app

  1. Open App Store.
  2. Search for Microsoft Remote Desktop.
  3. Install it - it's free.

Configure the app

  1. Start RD Client
  2. Touch +
  3. Touch Desktop
  4. In PC Name enter for the student service or for the staff/research postgrad/visitor service.
  5. Touch Done
  6. Touch Save

How to connect

  1. In RD Client touch the icon you've made.
  2. When prompted, enter your username and password as you would on a DICE machine.
  3. Touch Done


Look for the mouse pointer. Input happens where the mouse pointer is, not where you touch the screen. Use the screen as a trackpad to move the mouse pointer about. To click and drag, touch once, then drag with a second touch. Tap twice to do a right-click. The keyboard icon at the top of the screen makes a keyboard appear and disappear.

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