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Theon Quick Start Guide

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This is a summary guide to help you get started with Theon. It includes a quick reference sheet.

Below is a screenshot of what you will see when you type in the following web site address, after you have logged in.

First click and drag the Theon hyperlink into your favourite’s bars, as shown in the image below.

How Do I Do that

Finding Records

Colour Scheme

Each of the fields in the database are colour coded and are explained below:

Light blue indicates the field is an incoming feed and can not be locally overridden.

Blue indicates the field is an incoming feed and can be locally overridden.

Dark blue indicates a field value has been changed but not saved.

Light green indicates the field is in a query mode.

Yellow indicates the field is locally derived and is read only.

White indicates the field is locally maintained.


The first tab “InfoBox” can provide a helpful summary about the panel you have selected. It can also give a description about the data required in the field you have selected.

The second tab “ToolBox” will allow you to change your search parameters when searching the database.

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