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Theon: Informatics School Database

Theon is the School's primary information management system. It is a central database holding local data on taught students, research students, staff and visitors. The service consists of a PostgreSQL database and local data processing tools, tightly integrated with data held upstream in Registry through EUCLID and HR.

Data pulled from Theon drives a number of system processes such as account creation and authorisation. Normally users will access the system through other systems, or through its web interfaces:

  • A web-based client for administrative staff (called TheonUI)
  • A simple web interface for all other users (called TheonPortal) to view specifically extracted sets of information.

Information for Administrative Staff

Access to Theon is controlled by the relevant administrative groups in the School. Access is typically via a web browser, restricted to on-site (and VPN) users.

Further Information

Management and development information is available on the project development web site (archived, available on site).

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