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Remote wipe of mobile devices

Mobile devices (smartphones and tablets) generally have a remote wipe capability. This makes it possible to erase the entire contents of a device which has been lost or stolen (although strictly speaking, in some cases it may instead delete encryption keys, leaving data on the device but encrypted and inaccessible). Configuring it may also help to pinpoint the location of the stolen device.

College policy makes remote wipe mandatory on all mobile devices used for work, and recommended for all mobile devices.

How to configure remote wipe

There are two ways:

  1. Nearly all mobile devices require the creation of an account when setting up the device. Remote wipe can usually be enabled by configuring the "Find my phone" feature using this account:
  2. Mobile phones and tablets configured for the University Office 365 eDiary service have remote wipe already enabled, so nothing further needs to be done. IS provides guides which explain how to configure for Office 365.

Get help

Information Services IT Support Desk , situated on the ground floor concourse of the Main Library, provides in-person technical support for users' personal devices and University IT-related services.

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