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ifile is a simple web-based file manager for AFS filestore.


When you login (via Cosign) to our ifile server you'll be shown your home directory. You can then download and upload files, as well as copy, rename, delete, and so on.

You cannot edit files directly via ifile. To edit a file you should:

  • Download the file via ifile to whatever computer/device you are using,
  • Edit the file using the tools on that device,
  • Upload the modified file using ifile.

Though you start off in your home directory, you can navigate to any /afs/ file path for which you have AFS permissions, including other AFS cells, by using the 'Change' button near the top of the page. A common use of this is to access Informatics AFS group areas.


The ifile service is based on filedrawers, a University of Michigan open source project which they run for their users as MFile. We've taken their code and adapted it for our use. Their online help (linked to from is more or less applicable to our version though, obviously, for please read

Because the underlying code comes from the US, dates displayed are in the month-day-year format. We might amend our code to use British date formatting at some point..


iFriends are able to use ifile but, as they typically don't have a DICE home directory, they'll generally just see an empty page when they first access However, if their iFriend identity has been given the necessary AFS ACL permissions, they can then use the 'Change' button to visit any area of filestore to which they have access.

Alternatively, they can use a direct URL to go straight to the AFS path for which they have access rights. Example:

Using ifile with iFriends is one way you can share local AFS data with external collaborators.

Example: Suppose your collaborator 'John Smythe' has registered with our iFriend service using the email address john@smythe.not. After he's visited the 'aklog' link below, if you then set the ACLs

fs setacl /afs/ list

fs setacl /afs/ write

he will be able both to download files from, and upload files to (on account of the 'write' permission) the directory /afs/ via the URL:  


There is currently a bug which limits file uploads to ifile to about 3MB. We are looking into this.

iFriends who want to use ifile as described above need to do a one time initialisation of their access to ifile. They should do this by visiting the URL

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