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COVID: self-managed server room access

This page describes the current arrangements for access to the Forum self-managed server rooms B.01 and B.Z14

As we are required to limit the number of people in the self-managed server rooms, and allow for a gap between visits, we have set up a booking scheme:

  1. You (obviously) need access to the Forum in order to get to the self-managed server rooms. Please arrange this through <>. (If you are a student, please do this through your supervisor.)

  2. Before your first visit we will have to enable your swipe-card for the door-locks. Please send the long number using the support form. Note that it may take a few days for this to be set up. (If you are a student we will need your supervisor's approval.) You must also read and agree to this Risk Assessment.

  3. Once your card has been set up, please send a support request saying why you need to visit and giving some suggested dates and times. We will then choose the one which best fits with other users' access requirements and book you in.

Our list of server-room access bookings can be found here.

Please note: you MUST book EVERY visit separately in advance. You MUST NOT visit any of the self-managed server rooms unless you have received confirmation that your visit conforms to the access arrangements.

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