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Appleton Tower subnets and VLANs

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The School of Informatics has some 40 or so different IP subnets in use.

Each of these serves a particular purpose but, for users in Appleton Tower, the six most important subnets are:

Subnet Purpose DICE desktop machines in student labs Self-managed machines in staff offices using static IP addresses Self-managed machines in staff offices using dynamically-assigned IP addresses DICE desktop machines, and Windows managed desktop machines, in staff offices Self-managed machines in open areas (using both dynamically-assigned and static IP addresses)

Each of these subnets is carried on a particular VLAN - i.e. a virtual 'piece of ethernet'. The mapping of the above subnets to VLANs is:

Subnet VLAN name VLAN number ATLABS 2 R 199 ATDHCP 4027 M 212 ATopen 505

In addition, VLAN 952 - called 'phones' - is used to carry the traffic to and from VoIP telephones in AT.

All of this means that, for example, should you want to use a laptop in Appleton Tower on the subnet, it must be connected to a network port which has been configured to be on the 'ATopen' VLAN.

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