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To aid students using their own laptops to send files to the Appleton Tower chargeable print queues, we have a web based service which allows you to upload a file and have it sent to the chosen printer.

It is best to upload pre-formatted output, eg Postscript or PDF files.

Though the printing system will try to cope with image and plain text files, it will not cope with MS Word or Excel type files. Attempting to print these will likely result in several pages of garbage which you will be charged for.

Note that your usage will be charged, just like it would have been if you'd sent the file via the command line on a DICE machine.

The page is Cosign protected, but uses a certificate signed by the University CA. So you may get warning messages from your browser, unless you've chosen to trust the University's CA.

For more information on the University's certificate, see the IS pages

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