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Wake a computer with a bookmark

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The remote wake-up web page can wake a sleeping computer. You can speed it up a little using a bookmark.

Only one computer

If you use it to wake the same computer each time, it may be more convenient to bookmark the wake page, putting the name of the computer in the URL.
For example to wake a computer named smith you would bookmark the following URL:;

In the above URL the host parameter specifies the machine to wake, and the wakenow=t parameter makes the page send the wake packet immediately, rather than waiting for the "Wake the Computer" button to be clicked. To wake the machine, select the bookmark.

Choose a computer

With Firefox, this can be taken slightly further, using its bookmark "keyword" feature. To make a bookmark which can produce an instant wake of an arbitrary hostname (assuming that you have authorisation to wake that machine) alter the bookmark like so:

There are two changes here:

  1. The host is now
  2. A wake keyword has been added.

To use such a bookmark, select the URL display area and type wake followed by a space then the name of the machine to wake, for example wake smith:

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