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COVID-19 - taking kit home

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A number of staff and PGR students have asked to take home School non-portable computing equipment, to enable them to work from home should they need to self-isolate or the University closes due to the Covid-19 pandemic.

You can take home the following equipment that has already been allocated to you for your work or study:

  1. any monitor (24" or smaller), keyboard, mouse
  2. any small form factor desktop (eg HP EliteDesk 800, HP Elite 8200 etc)
  3. any mini tower desktop (eg Lenovo ThinkStation P310) with no high-end GPU installed

If you wish to take home a larger monitor, a workstation or a desktop with a high-end GPU, approval from your PI or supervisor will be required.

There are conditions:

  1. Such equipment must not be used to store or process any medium or high risk sensitive data:
  2. You must use this form to tell the Computing support team which monitors or desktops you are taking home:
  3. Please be careful with the equipment, particularly when moving it.

The School is willing to pay up to £25 towards the cost of moving equipment by taxi.

Please note that it is not possible to take DICE desktops or workstations home. We can provide you with an alternative desktop (with pre-installed Ubuntu) to take home - please request this using the form.

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