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Clocks and time in Virtual DICE

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If you ever suspend your Virtual DICE VM, then resume it at some later time, its clock will be wrong. This may sometimes cause problems (for instance, not being able to find other sites on the internet). To avoid these, it's better to start Virtual DICE when you want to use it, then shut it down when you have finished using it. That way, its clock is more likely to stay correct.

To set the clock to the correct time and date, connect your computer to the network then do one of these things:

  1. Make sure that your computer is connected to the internet, then start Virtual DICE - it should set its clock to the correct date and time as it starts up. If your Virtual DICE is already running, shut it down (for example, by choosing Machine -> ACPI Shutdown from the VirtualBox menu), then start it again.
  2. Login to Virtual DICE as guest (with password guest). Open a Terminal window. In that window type:
    sudo ntpdate


    sudo ntpdate
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