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Introduction to Virtual DICE

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Virtual DICE is a DICE-like environment in a virtual machine. It can be used on a variety of computers (see Installing Virtual DICE).

Any DICE user can download Virtual DICE and install it on their own computer. However some of the components of Virtual DICE may not be freely redistributable, so please don't share it.

Virtual DICE is different from normal DICE:

  • Virtual DICE runs in a virtual machine on your own computer, not on a desktop computer in an Informatics lab or office.
  • On Virtual DICE everyone can have root access.
  • Virtual DICE has less memory and disk space than DICE - but you can change that on your copy.
  • There are a few software differences - see Software on Virtual DICE for details.
  • You cannot submit a student practical exercise on Virtual DICE. The submit command must be run on a normal DICE machine. (See How to submit a practical exercise.)
  • Virtual DICE stores your files locally in the virtual machine. On DICE, your files are in AFS, stored on network servers. But you can still access AFS from Virtual DICE. See Files on Virtual DICE for more details.
  • DICE has regular software updates, but on Virtual DICE you control when software is updated. For details see update-vdice.
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