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Update the config and software

To update the Virtual DICE configuration, and update the software to match DICE desktops, type:

update-vdice --software

Remember that certain commercial software is excluded, as mentioned on the introduction page.

It will only work when your host machine is connected to the network and inside the Informatics firewall. To achieve this, either use an Informatics network port or use OpenVPN. (The University VPN will not help here - see Virtual Private Networks for an explanation).

Warning: running update-vdice --software will delete all installed software packages or updates which are not found on DICE machines.

Update the config only

To update just the virtual machine's automated configuration, but not the software, type:


You might do this if you had installed some software on the virtual machine, and didn't want it to be deleted - see the warning above.

The Support, Releases and Maintenance page has more on maintaining a Virtual DICE VM.

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