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Remote lab computers

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If you're a taught student(*), you can login remotely to a computer in the Informatics student labs.
This is where you can do your coursework, and it's also where you can run programs which need a lot of memory or processing power, or which take days to run.
(* Except for CDT students. Sorry! But since they're also research students, they can use various ⇒ computing clusters and ⇒ staff servers.)

Your lab computer

Your lab computer's name is your DICE username followed by
For example, if your username was s1234567 your lab machine would be

How to login

Login to your lab computer using ssh. For example,


You type this command into a terminal window in your remote desktop session.
Remember to use your own DICE username instead of s1234567!

For example

  1. Start a remote desktop session.
  2. In that session, open a terminal window.
  3. In that window, type:

    but remember to replace your-DICE-username with your own DICE username.

  4. Then do your coursework in that terminal window. For example, to run MATLAB you would type:
    matlab &

    Putting & after your command runs it in the background, so that you can continue to use the terminal window.

    Please try to run coursework on your lab machine, instead of elsewhere in your session.

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