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We run a general purpose Web Content Management System (WCMS) based on Plone. It should be noted, however, that as of 2018 we are starting to phase out this service. Sites will either just be deleted, or migrated to an alternative service.

  • Only Informatics Staff and research staff/students could request sites, though anyone would be able to use that site, depending on the access decided upon by the site manager (usually the person who requested the site).
  • The URL for the site will default to<site_name>/ and can be set up quickly (providing it doesn't clash with an existing site). However, if necessary we can alias or proxy the site to almost any other URL, though this requires more effort and also depends on factors out with our control.
  • Authentication is via the Informatics Cosign service (, which means potentially anyone in the world could have access to your site unless suitable access restrictions have been applied.
  • Users do not have file level access to the server.
  • We have compiled some Basic instructions for Plone users.
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