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The lecture capture system (capturED) that has been in place throughout the University for a number of years is now no longer going to be supported by IS. As a result of the efforts of AHSS (in particular, the Business School), CSE has found an alternative (Panopto) which has been piloted and is now installed in the majority of lecture theatres. Although in the majority of lecture theatres you are only able to capture screen and audio, it has proved so far to be reliable and simple to use.

If you have any problems, please contact Informatics support in the first instance, rather than PPLS as suggested in the linked pages below.

What is Panopto?
Read an overview

Before you can make recordings, you need to read and accept the Panopto End User Licence Agreement. You also need to demonstrate to Panopto that you’re a member of staff (and check that your course is provisioned with Panopto).

Quick links
Panopto RecEd website
List of teaching rooms equipped for lecture capture with Panopto
UoE main support wiki for Panopto

How to record
Instructions for recording a live lecture
Instructions for making a video recording at your computer

Sharing recordings
Sharing recordings with students
Sharing recordings with the public
Downloading your recordings

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