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macOS High Sierra

A major bug has been found in macOS High Sierra and we do not recommend upgrading until this and any subsequent security issues are officially patched. If you have already installed High Sierra please follow the instructions to set a password for the root account

Also beware configuring your machine for remote desktop access like VNC, RDP, screen sharing etc.

macOS Sierra

The previous major release of macOS was Sierra. Computing Support aims to ensure that all services are available from the latest releases of the mainstream operating systems available to users in the school. This page will be used to publish information about issues uncovered in testing and from outside sources. If you have any problems with macOS Sierra please let support know using the usual form.

  • SSH - there may be issues with ssh caching credentials in the keychain without giving any clear indication as to where, or how to remove them again. More details when we've checked reports. See
  • Printing - seems to work in the same way as previously.
  • AFS and Kerberos - we recommend the Auristor client and a version for Sierra is available from their website. This seems to work as with previous macOS releases. Please note the following item.
  • Firewall - we have an, as yet, unverified report that installing Auristor may unset some of the firewall security settings. Please do ensure your firewall is configured properly.
  • Backups - Our current version of TiBS DOES NOT SUPPORT Sierra. DO NOT upgrade to Sierra if you wish to backup your machine using TiBS. We plan on upgrading to a version of TiBS which supports Sierra early in 2017.
  • Microsoft Office - users upgrading their OS to Sierra will also require to upgrade their version of Office products, as earlier releases don't work on Sierra.
  • If you are running wireless and are used to plugging in to wired ethernet and having the LAN take priority you may find the behaviour has changed. This is relevant e.g. if you are plugging in to get access to printing. Apple have a support page on how to, " Change the order of the network ports your computer uses to connect".
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