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All staff can request that a discussion forum be set up for them. There has been a pilot service running since the end of July 14, with forums being set up for a number of courses. Although the discussion forum is primarily aimed at teaching, it is not exclusively for this purpose. Support will set up a forum for you based on the details you provide - see below. The forums are hosted on a DICE-authenticated drupal website.

Discussion Forum

Requesting a forum

Simply fill in the support form providing the following information:

  • Name of Forum, for example Inf2-cs
  • Brief description of forum, for example General discussion forum for inf2 computer systems students.
  • Names of people who will manage the forum once set up - for example, the TA for a particular course.
  • Who requires access - unless any specific access control is put in place, a forum will by default be restricted to ALL DICE authenticated users. Forums can be further restricted, for example to all students taking a particular course.

Support will then create the forum and give you a quick run through.

Managing a forum

As a forum administrator, you will be responsible for managing the content of the forum - for example removing any old or inappropriate posts. Only adminstrators have the ability to edit/delete posts submitted by other people.

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