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Basics for Plone users

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We've not created much in the way of local guides for using Plone (3.2) and the Institute In A Box (IIAB) theme. All we have is some pointers to the generic Plone documentation on Fortunately most of this applies to our installation, apart from a couple of things:

  • logging in and out procedure which we've replaced with our "weblogin" system. If you see a Plone login box, then please don't enter any username or password, as it won't work. And please let us know where this appeared, so we can remove it.
  • The "look", if you are using the IIAB theme, of the screen shots on will look different, but the important bits should still be recognisable.
During 2018/2019 we expect to phase out the use of Plone, with sites either simply being shutdown, or migrated to an alternative service.

Plone 3 User Manual for content creators and managers. (this URL seems to be a bit temperamental). The most current version of Plone is 5, so you will see warnings that version 3 is out of date.

The introduction is definitely worth a read so you get an idea of the basics, but remember the mechanics of the "logging in" section will be different for Informatics.

One of the important things to take away from the above manual, is that your web site is made up of different types of content, be it simple web pages, a news item, and image, even a link.

Plone has a default way of displaying all these items, so if you create a folder with just news items in it, you can have Plone display an overview page containing the basics of each news item, which when clicked on take you through to the item proper. You don't need to (but you could it you wanted) create a top level page and manually add links to those news items, Plone takes care of that for you.

By assigning categories (keywords) to the content, you can use the "Collection" to automatically find all items of a particular type of content and display those automatically. By using dates you can have content that is automatically added and removed from the site at the appropriate date and time.

Other documents that may be useful eg

Note that some of these do tend to stray into the technical details, which most people can safely ignore.

We have a sandbox site, which staff can experiment on, it is at if (after you log in) you find you can't do much, raise a support ticket and we'll sort that out.

That's it for now. Please let us know if you find something not mentioned here that you do find useful, and we'll add a link to it. Neil.

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