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Computing accounts

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There are two types of computing account in the School of Informatics - our own Informatics accounts, and accounts provided by the University.

Informatics accounts

DICE account

You will require a DICE Account before you can access any of the computing services provided by Informatics. This account allows you to log in to any of the DICE computers that you are entitled to use within the Informatics Forum and the teaching labs at Appleton Tower. A DICE account will be created automatically for new staff and students.

Informatics Visitor account

"A visitor is anyone who is working or studying on University premises but who is not registered either by HR on Main Payroll, or by Registry on the student systems". Further details on how to arrange a visitor account can be found on the Visitor Policy page.

Informatics Visitor account -- iFriend

These are lightweight accounts designed to allow access to some of our facilities using an email address to register.

PostgreSQL self-service account

If you are an undergraduate student, and have been granted a postgresql database as part of a course you are taking, your account and database will be made available in time for your coursework, and removed when it ends. If you wish to retain your account longer than this, please contact support. Further details on the PostgreSQL Service are available.

Suspension of inactive accounts

DICE accounts which are inactive will be suspended according to our inactivity suspension policy.

Account closure

Informatics follows the University account disable/deletion guidelines for the lifecycle of computing accounts.

University (Information Services) accounts


To access the University's central service facilities you must register with the University's authentication service known as EASE. New staff and students are normally given an EASE account automatically.

EASE Friend

Some EASE-authenticated services allow sharing with people who don't have EASE accounts. This sharing can be done with an EASE Friend account.


Microsoft's Office 365 suite combines a variety of products available to all University staff and students. Please note that School of Informatics staff and postgrad email is hosted on staffmail whereas taught students have Office365 as email provider.

Wireless account

Once registered with EASE, and after having activated your Office365 account, follow the instructions to activate your University wi-fi access. This will make your wireless password the same as your Office365 one.

Any member of staff can generate a Guest Wireless Account for their short-term visitor.
For larger numbers of visitor wireless accounts, e.g. for conferences/workshops, the organiser should contact Information Services via

University VPN

The VPN Service provides a method of securing communications between your computer and the University network from home, a business trip, a conference or other non-work location using the public internet, or from the University wireless network. Registration is required.

Active Directory Account

Active Directory Accounts provide access to the University Managed Desktop machines, e.g. Open-access computers, University Lecture Theatre computers and the lectern machines in Forum G.07 and G.07A.

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